Looking east, a few minutes before sunset.

18x24cm Agfa CP-G+ (x-ray)
Fujinon W 250
Developed by inspection in MG 1+100
Scan from negative, finished in PS.

Petra Tou Romiou – x-ray film


The sun had just set, the wind was gusting, and the temperature was 2 degrees Celsius—very low for our part of the world, even during winter time.

30 seconds exposure on x-ray film.
Rittreck view with 18x24cm back.
Fujinon W 250 at f32
Scan from negative, finished in PS.

The Wind And The Tree

First light (as they say in astronomy) for my new/old 5×7″ Rittreck View camera which I converted to 18x24cm.

There is nothing like moving up a format size (or two) to get a new perspective over bulk and weight.

Apo Gerogon 300mm
Agfa x-ray film (CP G+) at 100asa.
Tray developed by inspection in Ilford MG 1+100 at 22C for 7.5min.
Scan from negative, finished in PS.

First Light

This one is from the summer of 2008.

I was walking in down town Nicosia with my Speed Graphic and some film holders loaded with x-ray film (cut down from 15x30cm sheets) looking for something interesting to shoot.

Enter a group of teenagers with their skateboards in front of the neoclassical Faneromeni school.

It was late afternoon, so light was getting low. Asked if I could take some pictures of them, and quickly setup the camera pre-focusing on the spot where they were doing their jumps.

For some reason I decided to try stand development on these negatives. First and last time I did that with the Jobo 2509n reel and the 2521 tank. This negative has about 4mm on the long edge (top of the picture) significantly overdeveloped.

Didn’t find the processing notes, but at the time I was using mostly Rodinal in dilutions between 1/100 and 1/300. Time must have been between 10 and 20 minutes. The negative is slightly under developed, which makes it a bit thin.

The picture here is a scan (cropped the top out) from a contact print I did a couple days ago on Ilford MG Warmtone RC Pearl.

Skaters - on x-ray film

It was late afternoon at a beach in Larnaca, and I was looking for something interesting to shoot with my newly made 18x24cm pinhole camera.
This was definitely not the best subject matter for it, but I thought why not; let’s give it a try.

So I made a couple of 8sec. exposures with the young guy balancing on his slackline. He seemed happy and at peace.

Happy new year!

150mm focal length
0.5mm pinhole
8sec. exposure

Agfa CP G+ (x-ray film) at 100asa.
Tray developed by inspection in Ilford MG 1+100 at 22C for 7min.

Scan from negative, finished in PS.

Guy Slacklining Between Two Palm Trees

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