Kathara Deftera in Cyprus

Even though right now Cyprus is in the center of the attention of the international press and the global financial markets (check google news about “Cyprus bailout” if you’re interested to learn more…), today was also Kathara Deftera, or Clean Monday (basically, the first day of lent for the Greek Orthodox subscribers—obviously not one of them)…

Even though things look pretty gloomy regarding the future of the European Union and the intertwined global economy, it’s very important to remember that besides projections and equations and all that shit, there is also the real minute-to-minute and day-to-day life with so many little things to enjoy and share with those we love…

In this spirit, we grabbed the chance to go out in the fields and enjoy a beautiful sunny day… we even got to fly a kite!


Tzalavras Kathara Deftera 01 Tzalavras Kathara Deftera 02 Tzalavras Kathara Deftera 03Tzalavras Kathara Deftera 04


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