Astrophotography was my gateway to “regular” photography in my mid teens… back then I thought I’d become an astronomer… well dreams change…

Here is a pair of pictures I shot a couple years back that illustrate to some degree the difference between naked-eye observation and long exposure photography of the night sky.

The first picture is a 20 second static exposure with the camera piggyback mounted on my C8+ telescope, while the second picture is a 10 minute exposure with the clock drive of the C8+ running—hence the motion blur of the nearby trees on the foreground…



Of course, even the first picture above shows more stars than what was visible to the naked eye, but still… it’s quite clear that the longer the exposure, the more (fainter) stars become visible in the picture…

  1. I like both of these images, but the contrast between the crystal clear stars and the motion blur of the trees in the second makes it more interesting. Nice work.

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