Hunting for the Perseids

We went a bit outside the city limits yesterday, looking for a darker sky, to catch a glimpse of the Perseids meteor shower… sadly, light pollution is omnipresent in tiny little Cyprus…

Even though the eight of us saw an average of a dozen bright ones and several dozens of dimmer meteors, I wasn’t lucky enough to catch anything spectacular with the 5D which was mounted on my Celestron C8… I also shot a couple of 40 minute exposures on Ilford HP5, but it’ll be some time before I develop them, so I’ll just post the digital ones for now…

Here’s the best capture of a meteor that I managed…


On a regular base, we had airplanes flying through our field of view on their way to Larnaca airport…


Here’s a picture of the Andromeda Galaxy… the farther away from the horizon, the darker the sky…


A picture of my telescope setup…


And here is a part of the gang, lit by the moonlight and shot a few days ago, on the same spot we were yesterday…



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