The River Of The Sun

I don’t usually “waste” many exposures on any single location, but I’m glad I did on this one…

It was a heavily clouded and rainy day, with the sun peeking through the clouds only now and then…

Exposed ten sheets of direct positive paper while waiting for the “right” moment, and ended up with my favorite (so far) picture from this pinhole project I’m currently working on…

Stay tuned for more…

The River Of The Sun 01

(and some behind the scenes pics…)

The River Of The Sun 02The River Of The Sun 03

The River Of The Sun 04

  1. Hi Thodoris – these are great. I just love the ability of pinhole cameras to photograph into the sun.

    • Hey Christian, yes I love the way the pictures come out when I shoot towards the sun…

  2. Daniels Diary said:

    The sun looks magical or like something from a fairy tale! Good job on that one!

  3. Hi Marc,

    You can order prints directly from me.

    I currently offer two sizes:

    a) 8×10″, Open edition, €50
    b) 13×19″, Edition of 25, €200

    Both options are archival inkjet prints with Epson K3 inks.

    For further details/ordering my email is:
    tzalavras (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks for your interest,

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