Black Sun over Frozen Lake

These are some of the pictures taken with my homemade pinhole cameras on Harman Direct Positive FB paper, this past Saturday…

The spirits of the river 09

The spirits of the river 11

The spirits of the river 10

  1. Robby Cowell said:

    What a beautiful set of photographs. The only slight issue I can see is that the top photograph of the lake has a black spot (the sun I guess?) which is, in my opinion, quite distracting from the rest of the shot.

    • Thanks Robby… as for the sun, it has turned black because of the effect called (true) solarisation…

      • Robby Cowell said:

        Haha ok, thanks for filling me in :p

  2. Gordon Lafleur said:

    Lovely stuff. What is your focal lengh and exposure time with this material?

    • Hey Gordon, FL is 70mm, pinhole diameter is 0.36mm, which makes f/stop 194… the Harman paper (when preflashed) is just about ASA 03… from there on, I use my 5D to take a light metering (my handheld meter died a while back, and as it turns out it was for the best since I ended up with an ongoing “behind the scenes” sub-project…) which I then translate for the pinhole… cheers…

  3. Debra said:

    Stunning, especially that first one.

  4. sibokk said:

    The bottom shot almost looks like a film set, something about the light. I love the curve of the hills, almost like a venn diagram.

    • Thanks Simon… the sun was picking through the clouds now and then… had to just wait for the right moment to make the exposure… made three or four exposures from the same spot, and only this one has this light quality to it… cheers

  5. Wonderful photos, I’ve been using Harman Positive paper and experienced curling of the paper when I dry them, has that happened to you also?

    • Thanks…
      Curling is a common problem with air-drying fiber based photo-papers… if you put them in a heavy book (after they’re dry) for a couple of days they become *almost* flat… cheers

      • Thank you for the info, I will give that a try.

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