The Moon in the backyard

The moon peeking through the clouds during an hour long exposure a couple nights ago…

After a 5 hours exposure with my new pinhole camera on Harman direct positive paper turned out blank (that is, almost totally black with only the window showing just a bit), I loaded some Fomapan 100 in the Speed Graphic and exposed it through the 135mm Optar at F/4.7 for an hour…

Developed in *very* old Rodinal 1+100 for 6min at 20C and vuala…

The Moon in the backyard

  1. sibokk said:

    Q: did you develop the direct positive paper in a paper or film developer? I still have my supply of direct positive/negative papers but not got round to developing anything yet as I only have ID11 not a paper specific developer (as I understand it but could e wrong).

    Nice exposure by the way.

  2. Thanks Simon… I’m using Ilford MG paper developer at a 1+15 dilution for about 2 and a half minutes…

    If overexposed, I might extend development for a minute or two (working by inspection), and if underexposed I might pull it as soon as one minute earlier to avoid it becoming overly dark… the first tones (in this developer, at this dilution, at about 20C) appear about 40sec after immersion in the developer…

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