New 4×5 pinhole camera

Just finished building two new pinhole cameras, one which takes standard 4×5″ film holders, and one which takes a 6×7 Horseman roll film back…

Yesterday afternoon I tasted the 4×5″ camera in the backyard, to make sure everything is ok before taking it on the road… our kittens were of course *very* interested in the process…

The camera (including a quick release plate) weights under 200gr  instead of the 2400gr of the Speed Graphic (with a pinhole instead of a lens) which I used in last weeks’ outing… a big improvement, if you ask my back… of course it’s way less sturdy, something that’s only evident when pulling/pushing-back-in the dark slides, but hopefully this won’t be a problem with multi-minute exposures…

Here is the camera—and kittens…

New 4x5 pinhole camera 1

New 4x5 pinhole camera 2

New 4x5 pinhole camera 3

New 4x5 pinhole camera 4

New 4x5 pinhole camera 5

And here is the first test shot on pre-flashed Harman direct positive fb paper…

New 4x5 pinhole camera 7

  1. sibokk said:

    Wow! That image looks very sharp, very impressive.

    • Thanks Simon… the Harman paper has very good resolution and edge sharpness indeed… I should mention though that I generally add a tiny bit of unsharp mask to the pictures I post online… the pinhole picture had the same amount of U.M. applied to it as the rest of the digitally captured pictures in the post…

  2. This looks really great, and I like the camera design, especially its relative wide angle. As you noted, I don’t think pushing and pulling the darkslide will have any effect, and especially not if you are using a tripod.. I am really looking forward to seeing more of the work!

  3. Not only are the results of your efforts a joy to view, but your process is cool to see, and your documentation of it is choice – love the kitties! 🙂

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