Down by the river

Cyprus is one of those places with major drought issues… every single house has a water tank on its roof, for it’s not uncommon for the national water authority to ration the supply of water during Summer time…

Well, every rule has an exception, and this Winter has been exceptional in terms of raining—for Cyprus’ standards, that is… Despite that “normally” even the big old rivers are almost completely dry from late Spring to early Winter, right now ALL rivers—even the tiniest ones—have actual flow…

So, I took my pinhole sporting Speed Graphic, a waist-high pair of waterproof boots and went to take some pictures…

(I’ll post the pinhole pictures tomorrow…)

Down by the river 01

Down by the river02

Down by the river03

1 comment
  1. sibokk said:

    wow! I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

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