or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Smartphone

Maybe it has to do with not owning one of those cell phones with 8 megapixel cameras…

Maybe it has to do with using a mini-DV video camera with still picture capability in the past and having been totally disappointed by the fact that printing those pictures larger than 10x15cm was out of the question…

In any case I hadn’t paid much attention to the flood of iphone photography which has been a trend for some time now and, technology evolving, looks like it’s gonna replace the point-and-shoot cameras very soon…

That is, I do look at what others are creating, just hadn’t considered it for my own photographic practice…

Then, a couple days ago, a bit after the sun went down, I was in the backyard playing with our kittens and I liked the way the twilight was illuminating the hazy sky, and wanted to take a picture… as per usual, I didn’t have a camera with me, so I snapped a few pictures with my cell phone … I tried it with and without flash… the ones without were totally dark and from the ones with flash, these are the best ones…

Twilight Cats 01

Needless to say I was disappointed by the results…

But then, it occurred to me… my cell phone has a pretty powerful flashlight function which I use all the time in the darkroom… why not use it to illuminate the foreground and shoot the same scene with my 5D and the 50mm?

Well, here it is…

Twilight Cats 02

Twilight Cats 03

Next day I tried the same technique in daylight… I think I stumbled onto something here… with a bit of tweaking  I think this might be a useful lighting technique for low light shooting…

Twilight Cats 05

  1. Oh that’s just great. Now I have to upgrade to the iPhone 4s! Haha. Really good photos, amigo.

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