Family portrait

As part of the end of the year festivities, yesterday I set up a view camera in the backyard and took a few family pictures…

Family portrait 01

Family portrait 02

Family portrait 03

Family portrait 04

On a technical note, instead of negative film I used Harman Direct Positive paper, a photosensitive material that I just started testing for its potential usability for a couple of projects I have in mind…

First impressions are positive—pun intended…

Two things worth noting though is that this paper is almost light insensitive for in-camera usage and that it has a pretty steep curve—like a grade four or five printing paper… for now I’m treating it as ASA-2 and pre-flash it to bring the contrast down a bit… but all in all it’s a very interesting paper and I’ll probably find a way to use it for some personal project in the near future…

  1. I’ve been looking at a LOT of wordpress blogs lately. I think yours is one of the most fascinating. I’ve just added you to my links. Happy new Year by the way.

  2. sibokk said:

    Wow! they are beautiful photos. I’m searching for a view or press 4×5 camera I can afford.
    I have one direct positive shot to develop form my Titan pinhole camera but I’ve not developed anything like photographic paper since 1995.

  3. Hey Simon, developing b&w paper is easier than film—much more forgiving of inconsistencies in temperature, so go for it…

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