Polaroids – Aimee and I

Back in 2008 I was hunting on ebay for some polaroid film to shoot with my 4×5″ Speed Graphic…

When I stumbled upon a seller offering bulk quantities of expired polaroid film at amazingly low prices, my first thought of course was it’s too good to be true, but still the deal was too sweet to pass… about 120pounds (shipping and taxes included!) for a sealed box of 500 exposures… so, I crossed my fingers and ordered a box…

The film even though very expired was/is still alive—the chemicals haven’t dried up—so, in the past few years I’ve gone through two thirds of the box, shooting on and off just for fun…

I’ve started scanning a selection which I’ll be posting here in the coming months…

Let’s start with a portrait, shall we…

Aimee and I

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  1. eva said:

    That’s a great self.. half self..

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