Family Album, part one…

In the summer of 2009 the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography participated in Athens Fringe Festival with a group exhibition featuring 8 prints from my Nicosia in Dark and White book project… At the time I was looking for funding for the production of my first book, so I ended up spending a month in Athens…

Exhibition in Athens, 2009

I was recently going through some contact sheets from a bunch of films I shot during my stay in Athens with my parents… in there I re-discovered a number of pictures I took of my family… after several months of hiatus I returned to the darkroom to print from these negatives…

darkroom prints

Some of the pictures in these films could be categorized as environmental portraits, but their main feature that interests me is that instead of describing how the people in them look like, they mostly contain elements and clues about who these people really are… portraiture is not my strong suit but I find these pictures compelling and I can already see the resulting book containing 30 or 40 of this kind of pictures… stay tuned…




  1. Thodoris,

    Congrats on the new blog! Looks good.

    Love this ‘dark & white’ work.


  2. a civilian-mass audience said:

    Μπραβο Θοδωρη…απιστευτη δουλεια …
    αντε με το καλο να τα πουμε και απο κοντα…

    Χρωσταω καφε και πορτοκαλοπιτα!
    τα λεμε συντομα


    • Σε ευχαριστώ Civi!
      Όποτε με φέρει ο δρόμος μου προς τα μέρη σου θα φροντίσω να περάσω για καφέ…

  3. eva said:

    Very much looking forward to see where this will take you! And need to do this same work too..

    Cheers, Eva

    • Me too Eva, me too… as for starting a blog, you should definitely go for it… it’s probably the most fun way to showcase work that is not “done” yet… looking forward to see what you’ll come up with… cheers, T.

      • eva said:

        Thodoris.. wasn’t thinking that much about blogging, while I think it’s fun I don’t think I have enough time, but about ‘going through the contact sheets’ and then printing.. and then, eventually, putting together the pictures in a way that makes sense..

      • Eva, I misread your first message then… yes, going through the contacts is both a mind numbing (especially if you shoot a lot) and an extremely rewarding process—especially when you go through older contacts of pictures shot a long time ago, where you find yourself looking with a fresh eye your own work… there is a palpable sense of (re)discovery in it…

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